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The NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Collaborative: part one

20 Apr

by Penny Lewis, Medication Safety theme

Comm Pharm Pt Safety Collaborative

The community pharmacy patient safety collaborative has reached six months of age. Over this period, ten pharmacists who work across Greater Manchester have come together regularly with research staff from the Greater Manchester PSTRC to learn about quality and safety improvement.

The collaborative members’ first assignment has been to create a ‘safety case’ for their pharmacies. Safety cases are a recognised approach to safety management in other safety critical industries (such as aviation and petrochemicals) but are relatively new to healthcare. As far as we are aware, this is the first time that safety cases have been used in community pharmacy. In order to write their cases, the collaborative members have learned how to use risk assessment techniques such as Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA), Systematic Human Error Reduction and Prevention Analysis (SHERPA), Proactive Risk Monitoring for Organisational learning (PRIMO), Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) along with Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycles to explore potential and actual patient safety issues in pharmacies.  As well as familiarising themselves with a ridiculously large number of acronyms, the collaborative has used their newly acquired knowledge to investigate and deal with the risks associated with community pharmacy activities such as medication dispensing, provision of monitored dosage systems and delivery services.

In addition to hearing from Greater Manchester PSTRC researchers, the collaborative has also had a guest presentation from Professor Todd Boyle of St Francis Xavier University, Canada, who talked about his work in quality improvement across pharmacies in Canada, and Sarah Ingleby, lead nurse in acute care at Central Manchester University Hospital, who popped over to talk about her involvement in producing a safety case for sepsis in secondary care.

The next few months will hopefully see the recruitment of more collaborative members, including pharmacy technicians. In future meetings we will be exploring further risk management techniques and finding out more about the initiatives that have already been implemented.   In future blogs you will hear from members of the collaborative, who will share their experiences of being involved in patient safety research.  For now, the team at the Greater Manchester PSTRC would like to thank all those who have contributed to the success of the collaborative so far.

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Collaboration “Down Under”

1 Jun

by Sally Giles, Research Fellow in Core theme

Australia workshop_group photo_cropped

Myself and Stephen Campbell, PI of the NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC, were invited to present some of the work of the Centre at a recent patient safety workshop hosted by Deakin University in Melbourne. Stephen gave an overview of the work of the Centre, whilst I gave a talk on patient involvement in patient safety. Following on from this I was invited to spend 10 days working closely with Andrea Hernan (Research Associate) and colleagues at Flinders University in Warrnambool, rural Australia.   

This collaboration builds on some work that I undertook to develop a Patient Measure of Safety (PMOS) within a hospital setting.  Whilst I was in Warrnambool, Andrea and I worked on analysing some data from the field testing of the Primary Care Patient Measure of Safety (PC_PMOS) questionnaire and wrote a paper on the development of the PC_PMOS.  This paper builds on our recently published work* and is currently under review in BMJ Quality and Safety.  We were also able to make plans for a further study to validate the PC_PMOS.   Future plans include validating a primary care version of PMOS and hopefully conducting a joint workshop at North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) later this year.  

I was also able to make new connections  and links with other researchers in Australia, some of whom will be using the Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) evaluation questionnaire developed by myself and Jill Stocks within the Greater Manchester PSTRC.

 *Hernan A, Giles S J, Fuller J et al.  Patient and carer identified factors which contribute to safety incidents in primary care: a qualitative study.  BMJ Quality and Safety (in press).