Recruiting GP practices to validate the Primary Care Patient Measure of Safety (PC_PMOS)

3 Feb

by Sally Giles, Research Fellow in Core theme

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Study aims

The NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC project is looking to validate a tool which captures patients’ views of safety in primary care (PC_PMOS). The aim of this tool is to provide feedback to practices about the strengths and weaknesses of the safety of the care they provide from the patients’ point of view. It is intended to be part of practice’s continual quality improvement processes. Details of its development can be found here:


What we are asking practices to do?

We are asking local general practices to help us recruit patients to complete this tool which is a survey. Patients will be recruited by the reception/administration staff at general practices on the researcher’s behalf. Every adult patient (over the age of 18) presenting for their appointment at the practice over a designated 4 week period will be invited to participate in the study until 50 patients have completed it. They will be asked by the reception/administration staff at the practice to complete the PC_PMOS survey either before or after their appointment. Each practice will be provided with a secure questionnaire return box for patients to put their questionnaires in. Participants will also be invited by the reception/administration staff at the practice to complete the questionnaire again within one week of undertaking the first questionnaire for test-retest reliability purposes. Those who are willing to complete the questionnaire again will be given the opportunity to opt in and are asked to provide their email address and phone number so a link to the questionnaire can be emailed to them. The first 10% of patients who respond will be emailed a link to the questionnaire to complete.  The anonymised feedback provided by patients on this survey will be made available to practices after the study has been completed. In addition, each staff member at the practice will be required to complete a safety culture survey which should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. Demographic information about the practice and patient profile would also need to be provided to the research team.


What are the benefits of being involved in this study?

Completing the questionnaire will help the researchers to develop a reliable and valid tool that patients can use to provide feedback about the safety of their care to general practices. Each GP practice will receive a summary of the findings for their practice.



Each practice will receive £500 for taking part in the study. They will need to provide their financial details so that a contract can be drawn up and they are added to the University of Manchester financial system as a ‘supplier’. Once they have signed the contract, we then raise a requisition for a purchase order that relates to the services the practice has agreed to supply.



For further information about the study and to sign up to take part, please contact:

Dr Sally Giles, Research Fellow, NIHR Greater Manchester Primary Care Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, University of Manchester, Tel: 0161 306 8020, Email:



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  1. 😋🚦 April 6, 2016 at 12:09 pm #

    Sally, what a great blog , I think anyone reading this will want to know more about what you do.

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