INVOLVE Conference 2014 – Changing Landscapes

6 Feb

by Joanne Beresford and Carolyn Gamble, members of the Greater Manchester PSTRC Research User Group (RUG)


We went to the INVOLVE 2014 conference, held at the NEC in Birmingham, eagerly awaiting all the latest research on PPI/PE. There was such a wide variety of workshops and sessions available that we were spoilt for choice and struggled to choose which sessions to attend. We attended separate sessions so that we would get to attend the widest variety of talks and workshops possible and then share information.

The PSTRC session was full and it was standing room only which was excellent and the presentation on the Research User Group Perspective/ Evaluation of the Research User Group in conjunction with Dr Sally Giles (Research Fellow, Greater Manchester PSTRC) was well received with excellent discussions following on from the presentation. This presented plenty of networking opportunities for the PSTRC and Carolyn even met someone from her native Canada which enabled international discussions on approaches to PPI/PE.

Jo was particularly impressed with the presentation from Parkinsons UK, their PPI philosophy and the progress they have made is astounding. PPI members are involved in the shortlisting and interviewing of senior job vacancies and this is something that amazed Jo as she was completely unaware that this sort of PPI/PE existed.

All in all it was an excellent, informative experience and we were proud to represent the Greater Manchester PSTRC at INVOLVE 2014 and hopefully we can take some of the knowledge gained and feed it into the projects we work on within the PSTRC to have impact on the research undertaken.

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