Community pharmacies: we need you!

22 Jan

pharmacist - we want you

Given the vital role in medicines usage, community pharmacies are of particular interest to researchers in the Medication Safety theme.  Many of our studies look at ways to maintain quality and safety in pharmacies, as well as the contribution that pharmacy staff can make to safe use of medicines elsewhere in primary care (for example, providing advice to doctors and patients).

We would like to hear from community pharmacists, technicians, pharmacy assistants and managers who might wish to be involved in the following studies:

  • Piloting methods to assess and improve the culture of safety within pharmacies
  • Understanding the use of rules and guidelines in pharmacy practice
  • Developing methods to identify and manage risk in pharmacies.

In addition, we have an advisory panel to help us with planning and carrying out our studies, which includes healthcare professionals, support staff and members of the public.  We would like people with experience of working in community pharmacy to join this panel – whether they are able to contribute a lot of time or just a small amount.  The commitment is flexible, and members are paid for their time.

For more details on these opportunities, contact Denham Phipps on 0161 275 3680.

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