Sci-art: It works!

26 Nov

by Hayley Gorton, PhD student in Medication Safety theme of the Greater Manchester PSTRC

Mosi Wonder Drug Roadshow_sculpture

As a pharmacist and scientist, the concept of combined science and art work is somewhat of a mystery to me. Then, on a trip to the Wellcome Collection, Marc Quinn’s sci-art caught my eye: a sculpture made from a combination of wax and HIV medicines, to depict the individuality and personalities of people who are suffering from HIV. Whether you understand science, art, or both; this was sure to strike a chord.

In order for the public to understand our medication safety roadshow (28th-30th October 2014), perhaps we also needed some ‘abstract ‘approaches? We took this challenge to our fantastic year 10 students at Manchester Health Academy…

In our workshop, I delivered key messages about medication safety and Kate asked students to design artwork to represent key messages. On our return, two weeks later, I was thrilled that they had remembered some of our key medication safety messages! In one hour, half of the group produced two fantastic pieces of artwork. One depicted “stop, think, beware!”, to remind the public that we all have a role in medication safety and the second was a head filled with medicines, to show thought processes regarding medicines and what may go wrong. The other half of the class piloted our roadshow activities, and were not short of honest feedback, which helped us target activities to suitable age groups.

Thanks to staff and students @Health_Academy for welcoming us and to all who came to the roadshow!

Continue the conversation @meds_safety #mymedsafety

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