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My Med Safety – whose responsibility?

6 Oct

by Hayley Gorton, PhD student in Medication Safety theme

Hayley pre-PE event blog photo

When you break it down, from phoning to book a Doctor’s appointment to actually taking your medicine every day, there are many steps. Each step is an opportunity for healthcare professionals to interact with patients, answer questions and promote the safe use of medication. Unfortunately, things can also go wrong at each stage. The medication safety theme are conducting research at various stages of the medicine supply and use process, to see where and how compromises in patient safety may happen, and how to avoid them.

What is medication safety? How do you think medication safety problems arise? Whose responsibility is YOUR medication safety?

Come along to our ‘Wonder Drugs’ roadshow during Manchester Science Festival to have a go at interactive activities, give your views on medication safety and find out more about the research at the centre. Medication safety affects everyone so there will be something for everyone to be involved in.

You can find us across Manchester:

  • Tuesday 28th October (10.30-4.00) @ Museum of Science and Industry
  • Wednesday 29th October (11-3) @ Wythenshawe Forum
  • Thursday 30th October (11-3) @ Pendleton Gateway

You can find out more information on the Manchester Science Festival webpage and also join the twitter discussion:

  • @meds_safety
  • #mymedsafety

Image: Medicine designed by Julien Deveaux from the Noun Project