Our first meeting with researchers from our theme…

6 Jan

by Carolyn Gamble, Joanne Beresford and Sandra Griesbach, members of the Core Research User Group (RUG) Image As part of our work with the GM PSTRC, members of the RUG (Research User Group) are aligned to one of the five themes to support and advise on wider public involvement.  We are aligned to the Safety in General Practice theme, and we wanted to capture our initial thoughts of our first meeting with Sudeh Cheraghi-Sohi (Research Fellow) and Rahul Alum (Research Associate). When we first met, Sudeh and Rahul introduced us to projects currently planned within the theme and we discussed some of the options that we could be involved in developing this work as lay members – and they even provided us with cake! Jo’s thoughts: I was particularly attracted to the patient handbook, providing patients of primary care services with the information they require to access services and to get the best from appointments.  The accreditation scheme project planned for the future is also appealing as this fits strongly with my own personal interests and will provide a Primary Care Accreditation for UK general medical practice. Sandra’s interests:   I’m really interested in all the fascinating projects  we will be looking at within the theme, but initially I hope to help out with discovering how ‘Never Events’  are  identified within the Primary Care setting  and how these are recorded and used to improve patient safety.   As a patient I want to believe that a mistake in my diagnosis or treatment cannot be made and research into these events may give us insight into how we can move closer to that goal.  Watch this space! Carolyn’s musing: Like Jo and Sandra, I find this work really interesting and have a personal interest in many of the research topics included in this theme.  Of particular interest is the “Definitive Epidemiological Assessment of Error” ( EPassE) which aims to undertake an assessment of diagnostic error in order to define the rate of occurrence in GP practices. I am looking forward to supporting the exploration of key indicators of error, in order to prevent future patient safety implications of for example, of delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Following the initial meeting, we have kept in touch by email to make sure we are working together as a team to ensure we do not cross over each other. The three of us have also met together to start our initial project work; identifying patient safety issues discussed in online patient forums  This is definitely an exciting collection of research projects and we’re all looking forward to being involved in this work.

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